With only four episodes left, Kyle and Lincoln pull out the stops and pretend they've never done an episode before (if their hosting skills are to be believed) for John Badham's 1983 film WarGames starring Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood, Ally Sheedy, and Barry Corbin. Lincoln hain't never seen this movie before, so that's fun.

On top of all the talk about "back doors" and early computer gaming behemoths, they also discuss weird old movies Kyle's been watching, more about X-Men, a fair amount about piss, a soupcon of people not realizing how to pronounce things or what country they're on, and even some Doctor Who for good measure.

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This week, the fellas talk about a lot of disparate things. Lincoln saw Weird Al! Kyle went to Montreal! X-Men movies are cool! Kurt Russell has a great mustache! And the piece de resistance, the main course if you will, they discuss Luc Besson's 1994 film Leon, also known as The Professional, and also Leon: The Professional

Direct download: 196_-_The_Professional_1994.mp3
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This week, Kyle and Lincoln go to war. Well, not really, but they talk about a movie that has war in it, in the form of John Sturges' 1963 POW epic, The Great Escape starring about a million people, but some of them are Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Donald Pleasence, Charles Bronson, and James Coburn.

Kyle's been at Comic-Con all week and didn't edit this episode so he doesn't remember anything else about what he and Lincoln talked about. So it'll be a surprise for everyone!

Direct download: 195_-_The_Great_Escape_1963.mp3
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After another unexpected week off, Kyle and Lincoln are back to talk about 2008's out-of-nowhere animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a precursor to the TV show of the same name. Featuring the voice of Sir Christopher Lee. They also discuss True DetectiveSense8Orphan Black and lots more.

Direct download: 194_-_The_Clone_Wars_2008.mp3
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Oh my stars and garters, can you even believe it? After not really being together for about a month, and after a much-needed week off, both Kyle and Lincoln are on an episode without any guests. And it's a rambly one too, you guys. They discuss the 2004 Disney adventure film National Treasure starring one Mr. Nicolas Cage as Overactor McIdiosyncracy. 

Also discussed in detail: Jurassic World and other movies as well!

Direct download: 193_-_National_Treasure_2004.mp3
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This week, Lincoln had to bow out, so Battleship Pretension's own Tyler Smith joins Kyle (very late at night one evening) to talk about 1995's Congo which, in case you've forgotten, is where YOU are the endangered species. Is the movie as bad as either of them remember, or is it, like star Ernie Hudson believes, some kind of misunderstood piece of throwback serial adventure fun? Also, a whole lot of discussion about Twin Peaks, and a fair amount about Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Real GhostbustersWhat the hell, you guys? Is this Nostalgiacast now?

Direct download: 192_-_Congo_1995_w_Tyler_Smith.mp3
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It's a veritable podcasting party with frequent guest friends Joey 'DeDang' Thomas and Rob 'Jahalabad' Walker returning to talk about what was once considered the worst Indiana Jones but is now considered leaps and bounds better than that FOURTH one they made, Temple of Doom. It's all about fortune and glory, kid.  Joey also quotes Teen Witch within the first minute of the show, and Rob decides to make up facts about other things. Those scamps.

Direct download: 191_-_Temple_of_Doom_with_Joey_and_Rob_1984.mp3
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This week, the boys go deep into the Mexican and Costa Rican rain forests (or whatever) to discuss Gareth Edwards' 2010 feature film directorial debut, Monsters, a movie that doesn't have as many "monsters" as you might think. They also discuss Disneyland, Kyle's birthday a bit, Brooklyn 99, the awesomeness that is Mad Max: Fury Road, and they play a new game: Which States Have the Stupidest Name for Their Citizen? So...you know, get ready for that.

Direct download: 191_-_Monsters_2010.mp3
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Kyle had to return some video tapes, so Lincoln had their buddy Lucy and her Man-Fred Ted on the show to talk about her "I had no idea what it was about!" pick of Nicolas Cage's Left Behind. It went very well. They all saw Age of Ultron and talked about some Star Trek.

Watch new episodes of Boyfriend Training at www.lincolnlhayes.com and listen to Kyle's other podcasts because they're great. Classic Horror Cast and Doctor Who: The Writers' Room.

Direct download: 189_-_Left_Behind_2014_w_Lucy_Horton_and_Ted_Young.mp3
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This week, the fellas get Super Green and learn to count the stones when they watch and discuss a favorite of theirs in the annals of sci-fi and '90s movies, 1997's The Fifth Element, directed by Luc Besson and looking oh-so French. They also talk about favorite Bruce Willis performances, the food porn amazingness of Netflix's Chef's Table, Sherlock Holmes, Predator, and probably more! Who cares?!

Direct download: 188_-_Fifth_Element_1997.mp3
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