With the week leading up to Lincoln's nuptials nearly at the finish, the boys decide to watch a movie about people driving and killing people and stuff. It fits, right? It's Death Race 2000  from 1975 directed by Paul Bartel and starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. The podcast episode is almost as long as the movie itself. So there's that for ya.

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As the days until Lincoln's impending nutpials dwindle ever-nearer to the zero hour (how dramatic can we make this sound?), the fellas find time to discuss Kinko's woes, a little bit about Doctor Who, and saying a bunch of consonants in a row, before finally talking about the movie in question, the inaptly named Barracuda, a film with the original title of The Lucifer Project, which also doesn't make any sense but at least isn't a goddamned lie.

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This is a big milestone for the boys - their 150th episode! They celebrate by doing a regular ol' episode with nothing approaching frills or even thrills. After paying tribute to the life of one of the world's brightest comedic lights, Robin Williams, gone dark far too soon, Kyle subjects Lincoln to the animated violence and smut-filled romp that is 1981's Heavy Metal. Could this be the biggest discrepancy in opinion since episode 9? Listen and find out!

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It's back to regular old WTF this week with just Kyle and Lincoln talking crap to each other about the 1971 horror film Murders in the Rue Morgue starring Jason Robards and Herbert Lom. In addition, they discuss Ninja Turtles, the ease of which people could murder other people in the olden days, why someone would just sell poison, and why on Earth a real ax would be kept amid prop axes. People just beg for trouble at that point.

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It's a for-no-reason-at-all big week here on the show as Lincoln returns from his month-long hiatus and helps Kyle welcome favorite guests Robert Walker and Joey 'DeDang' Thomas, both of many appearances on this podcast. They all discuss Steven Spielberg's 1981 undisputed masterpiece Raiders of the Lost Ark, which if you haven't seen, you're a monster.  They also discuss Canada and whether one knows if they're from there, bingeing on Game of Thrones, Joey's next birthday movie choice (much to Kyle's chagrin), and Rob's impending fatherhood. It's a grand old time, and also flag.

Watch Rob's films at RobWalkerFilms.com, and follow Joey on Instagram because she actually uses it.

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Lincoln is off taming shrews, so Kyle wraps up the month as he should, with another Canadian! Katrina Griffiths of the Verity! Podcast joins him to talk about her pick "Cannibal! The Musical". They ramble on about different things Colorado-related, Katrina's love of Mark Sheppard, and the brilliance of Trey Parker (he's pretty great, you guys).

Lincoln's back next week with frequent guests Joey Nicole Thomas and Rob Walker to talk about "Raiders of the Lost Ark"!

Follow Katrina on Twitter (@xanister) and follow her Tumblr 

And if you haven't yet, check out Lincoln's short film Pillow Talk on his website www.lincolnlhayes.com.

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We continue Guests From Canada Month by welcoming back writer and podcaster Stephanie Cooke to the show. This time, she and Kyle talk about Stephen Sommers' 1999 action-adventure film The Mummy. Does it still hold up 15 years later? Also discussed are science fiction films of the summer, why Van Helsing was nothing but garbage, the comedic nature of snooty English people saying "Totes," and if Canadian people have accents (they do).

Follow Stephanie on Twitter and check out her podcasts Talking Comics and The Missfits.

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This week, Lincoln's still on assignment and so Kyle is joined by the brilliant Ms. Erika Ensign of the HUGO NOMINATED Verity! podcast. Together, they discuss the 1944 Film Noir Laura by Otto Preminger starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, and Vincent Price in easily his least creepy role. They also discuss themes and ideas present in all Films Noir and what they like most about them. It's a very film schooly episode, which is something we don't do enough!


Next week, we're joined once again by Stephanie Cooke to discuss 1999's The Mummy

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This week, Kyle is joined by his James Bond and Star Trek cohort Steven Schapansky, of Radio Free Skaro and The Memory Cheats fame, to discuss the fourth western film by the great Italian maestro Sergio Leone, that of course being Once Upon a Time in the West starring Claudia Cardinale, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, and Charles Bronson. They get into every aspect of the movie from the direction to the writing to especially the score by Ennio Morricone. Also discussed, Canadianism and LEGOisms. 

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This week, the boys are in their silliest form and talking about the 1974 Hammer Horror swashbuckler, Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter. It features the lovely Caroline Munro. You're welcome, everyone. They also talk about the recurring figure of Brian Clemens in their podcast, how 22 Jump Street managed to out-meta the first one, and Kyle reviews some old things.

Lincoln's short film Pillow Talk featuring many former guests of this podcast is available to watch now. Give it a look and a share, will ya? Lincoln Hayes Productions.

Next Week: Steven Schapansky joins to talk about Once Upon a Time in the West.

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