This week, the fellas spend a good long while catching up after the week of Kyle at Gallifrey, shooting the shit if you will, but they eventually talk about the 2013 Japanese CGI animated film, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the latest adaptation of one of the most popular manga in history. It's a space opera with ships and pirates and aliens and things. Do you think Lincoln and Kyle like it?

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While Kyle's away at some convention thing about a physician no one knows, Lincoln invited his friend and Internet minister Elena Offerman onto the show to discuss her pick of the 2014 North Korea-enraging Seth Rogen and James Franco flick, The Interview. They also discuss some of the duo's better efforts, the beauty of Lizzy Caplan, and over-abundance of butt-related humor in the movie.

If you're in the New York area, please see Lincoln in "Central Park West" February 20-22 and February 27-March 1 at the Hackensack Cultural Arts Center. Info and tickets at

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This week, Lincoln and Kyle forsake the decent-to-good movies they've been watching lately and go way back to basics with a 1985 Alien rip-off, that also rips of tons of other sci-fi movies, called Creature which features Klaus Kinski for a little bit. He might still be the scariest part of the movie, alien monster included. Also discussed are kids television shows from other countries, new movie trailers, and other things as well!

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Get ready for one of the most sidebar- and bullshit-filled episodes you're ever likely to hear as Lincoln and Kyle attempt to discuss the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger minor classic, The Running Man, where he has to participate in a life or death bloodsport broadcast on television, like a Reagan-era gladiatorial arena. Off-topics include The Wire, present-giving, other podcasts neither of the fellows are involved with, Morgan Freeman impersonations, and why Super Bowl ads have gotten real stupid. A cornucopia of topics.

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This week, the fellas hit the open road of post-apocalyptic Australia for a little bit of cops and gangs action in George Miller's 1979 film Mad Max. Also talked about are all the shit-ass movies Kyle had to see this week, Lincoln talks about good movies he saw for SAG purposes, and then about a play he saw.

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This week, the fellows watch a surprisingly enjoyable, yet still thoroughly stupid, '90s action movie called Hard Rain in which Morgan Freeman tries to rob Christian Slater and Ed Asner of armored car money during a massive rainstorm/flood. Betty White also appears because why the hell not.

Also discussed are what famous person Kyle saw at the movies, the Oscar nominations, a game of "Let's Sing Songs with Rain in Them," and invent the new cop show Sidebar & Bullshit.

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This week, for restitution for having egregiously picked an Asylum movie last week, Kyle has subjected Lincoln to one of his favorite things: weird foreign movies! They have watched and will discuss the 2013 Belgian film The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears, which has been described as "a psychosexual fantasia" and "fucking weird" by various outlets. As Kyle is fond of sayng, it's like if David Lynch decided to make a Dario Argento film. So it's something else. They also talk about British spy movies and crap like that too.

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This week, because Lincoln did no research, he has accidentally chosen an Asylum film for the first ep of 2015, entitled Asteroid vs Earth, a horribly stupid disaster movie starring no one and featuring nothing. He and Kyle also discuss the buncha movies and television programmes they watched between Christmas and now. There are many things. MANY THINGS.

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Don't say we never did nothin for ya! To celebrate New Year's Eve even further, we're giving you an extra bit of content in the form of a throwback episode to our very first New Years episode, #17, New Year's Evil, a terrible stupid slasher movie set at the turn of the year. Enjoy how young we sound, how much we just tell you what happens in the movie, and how much we swear. Man, it's a lot.

Also, in the intro, Lincoln and Kyle make a big deal about the old theme song, "Funky Butt," but this episode in fact does not contain it. So that's pretty stupid.

Thanks for listening and Happy New Year's!

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Just because we're lazy, for this year's New Years episode, all we're doing is bantering for ten minutes and then doing a commentary of How I Met Your Mother Season 1, Episode 11 "The Limo," in which Ted rents a limousine for the gang on New Years Eve. It's a fun episode and everything. Please listen along!


And thanks for listening to us throughout 2014. As a little added bonus, on actual New Years Eve, we'll be giving you a throwback bonus episode from all the way back to our first New Years Eve as a podcast. Enjoy that!

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