This week, the British are coming! Well, a British. Our friend Paul Heath of The Pharos Project and Hammered Horror drops by Kyle's place to join in a discussion of the 80s sci-fi/horror/comedy Night of the Comet. To be the most accurate, he stops by to join in a series of sidebars and digressions all whilst drinking hard cider. Yeah, it's a good time all around. They also talk a bit about Captain America: The Winter Soldier if you're into that.

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Next week, Kyle is joined by Joey 'De-Dang' Thomas and Kurt 'No Middle Name' Quinn to discuss 1991's The Hard Way.

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This week, we're once again joined by the Third Chair himself, Mr. Rob Walker to discuss another in our series of chats about theatrical films starring the Caped Crusader. For this one, we've turned our attention to the animated masterpiece with the troubled production but superb results, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. We talk about how the animation holds up, the importance of good voice acting, the deep pathos of Batman, and a whole lot about TV shows and things from elsewhere around the internet. It's a good ol' chat!


Next week, we'll joined by another frequent guest, Paul Heath, to discuss the 1984 sci-fi comedy, Night of the Comet.

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This time out, the boys inadvertently pick another old TV movie, in the form of 1987's Timestalkers in which Lauren Hutton plays a future person who needs the help of William Devane to stop Klaus Kinski back in the Old West. John Ratzenberger's there, too. Also talked about are The Grand Budapest Hotel, trailers, TV shows, poop tents, and more hypothetical time travel scenarios.

Next week: Rob Walker returns to talk more Batman!

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Friends, ninjas, rock music, hair, bare-chested men, Tae Kwon Do, stupidity, and Florida all get tossed into a Cuisinart this week, frappe is hit, and the result is 1987's baffling action film, Miami Connection, in which a martial arts instructor was told by a director that he should be in movies. He was lied to. Also talk about are television shows, Inception bad dreams, a play starring a Rachel, and banter banter banter.

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Holy crap, this week the boys may have watched the most misogynistic movie they've ever forced themselves to sit through. Nope, just kidding, that was Nude Nuns with Big Guns; but Gor from 1987 is a pretty close second. To stave off the anger (and boredom), they also talk about movie trailer voices, the improbably awesome Star Wars: The Clone Wars, shows about dead people returning to life, the return to form of Community, and more tangents than math class.

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This week, the fellas are joined by Battleship Pretension and More Than One Lesson co-host Tyler Smith to discuss Tim Burton's follow-up to his monstrously successful BatmanBatman Returns, a title which makes no sense because from whence has he returned? Penguin, Catwoman, Max Schreck, and ol' Bats himself get dissected (gross). Also discussed: the Oscars, commercials we hate, The LEGO Movie, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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This week, the boys are delighted to be joined by a much smarter film critic than they: Battleship Pretension and Hey Watch This co-host David Bax. Together, the three discuss the super weird 1990 film The Reflecting Skin starring Viggo Mortensen and Lindsay Duncan. It's about ennui and evil and stuff. Pretty cool.

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Harold Ramis passed away February 24, 2014 at the age of 69. Kyle and Lincoln pay tribute in this special bonus episode. 

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This week, the fellas watch and discuss the Shaw Brothers' Hong Kong King Kong ripoff, in which a blonde Swiss model wears a loincloth, a bunch of Chinese guys run around, and a person in an ape suit smashes scale miniatures. It's pretty cool.

Also, there's discussion of The LEGO Movie, whether or not Lincoln has been to the cinema of late (hint: Rachel knows), ways to elongate your life, the lack of quicksand in everyday life, and the amount of metal needed to contain a 100-story-tall ape.

Next week: Guest!

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Batman has been ubiquitous to our intrepid hosts as of late: popping up on other podcasts, being the topic of a new series on Nerdist, and also being in the news for that Superman/Batman movie thing everybody keeps talking about. This week, we tackle (literally) Tim Burton's "Batman" from 1989. Kyle dazzles with history and trivia, Lincoln doesn't. But he does make an interesting comparison between Batman and Jesus. We also talk about some trailers and wish Kyle luck at his Gallifrey One panel which already happened by now and we know it went well because of SCIENCE!

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