We continue Guests From Canada Month by welcoming back writer and podcaster Stephanie Cooke to the show. This time, she and Kyle talk about Stephen Sommers' 1999 action-adventure film The Mummy. Does it still hold up 15 years later? Also discussed are science fiction films of the summer, why Van Helsing was nothing but garbage, the comedic nature of snooty English people saying "Totes," and if Canadian people have accents (they do).

Follow Stephanie on Twitter and check out her podcasts Talking Comics and The Missfits.

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This week, Lincoln's still on assignment and so Kyle is joined by the brilliant Ms. Erika Ensign of the HUGO NOMINATED Verity! podcast. Together, they discuss the 1944 Film Noir Laura by Otto Preminger starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, and Vincent Price in easily his least creepy role. They also discuss themes and ideas present in all Films Noir and what they like most about them. It's a very film schooly episode, which is something we don't do enough!


Next week, we're joined once again by Stephanie Cooke to discuss 1999's The Mummy

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This week, Kyle is joined by his James Bond and Star Trek cohort Steven Schapansky, of Radio Free Skaro and The Memory Cheats fame, to discuss the fourth western film by the great Italian maestro Sergio Leone, that of course being Once Upon a Time in the West starring Claudia Cardinale, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, and Charles Bronson. They get into every aspect of the movie from the direction to the writing to especially the score by Ennio Morricone. Also discussed, Canadianism and LEGOisms. 

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This week, the boys are in their silliest form and talking about the 1974 Hammer Horror swashbuckler, Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter. It features the lovely Caroline Munro. You're welcome, everyone. They also talk about the recurring figure of Brian Clemens in their podcast, how 22 Jump Street managed to out-meta the first one, and Kyle reviews some old things.

Lincoln's short film Pillow Talk featuring many former guests of this podcast is available to watch now. Give it a look and a share, will ya? Lincoln Hayes Productions.

Next Week: Steven Schapansky joins to talk about Once Upon a Time in the West.

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Are we back? Yes? Okay. Kyle and Lincoln are back at full strength and in fine form for an episode about the 2010 John Landis film Burke and Hare, starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, as well as half the cast of Spaced and several other British people. They also discuss the true case on which the film was based. Silly stuff includes more about how Kyle doesn't care about his dead body and how Lincoln is terrified of tornados and snakes, but oh so much greater is his fear that one day a Snakenado will exist. 

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With Kyle still off in foggy Londontown, Lincoln is joined by "Pillow Talk" co-stars Rachel Riendeau and Brian Crawford Scott to discuss its upcoming release in a few weeks. They then dive deep into the 1998 Coen Brothers cult classic "The Big Lebowski", which Brian hadn't seen prior. Lincoln gets all trivia-y and they play a round of the Movie Game!

For updates on Lincoln's short, LIKE his production Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LincolnHayesProds




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Kyle and Lincoln both love the show Arrow and so were excited to talk about the 2012 horror/thriller The Pact starring Black Canary herself Caity Lotz. There's not much to talk about, so it's the return of huge amounts of banter! Discussion topics include horse poop, 24, cotton pants, Edge of Tomorrow, stand-up comedy, cat tails, combine harvesters, and horror movies. Pretty standard stuff, really.

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It's back to basics this week as Kyle and Lincoln are back on their respective coasts in their respective homes by their respective selves. They even revisit the old subject of burial rites involving outer space. Eventually, they get to this week's topic, Mummy director Stephen Sommers' 2013 film Odd Thomas. It's not very good, but there's things to discuss. What more could you want?!?

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With Lincoln off in the mountains, Kyle travels to Battleship Pretension studios to talk to Tyler Smith about 1989's No Holds Barred, a movie produced by the WWF and starring Hulk Hogan. It's not entirely clear who this movie was made for; wrestling fans, wrestling detractors, action movie fans, people who hate everybody, but this movie was made so surely SOMEONE wanted to see it. Find out what a Brell Thing is and start calling people "Jock-Ass." You'll have fun. Also discussed is the David S. Goyer debacle and making movies for people you despise (evidently). It's a hefty discussion.

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This week, it's our own Kyle's birthday so instead of talking about a particular movie, he and Lincoln drink copious amount of hard cider, sit in a stuffy New York apartment, and talk about the four filmmakers that most shaped them as young film fans/makers in college: Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, and Edgar Wright. You wouldn't be listening to this podcast if the boys hadn't bonded over these four directors. That's a proven fact. We hope you enjoy a ramble of epic proportions as Kyle attempts to stay on track and Lincoln does everything he can to derail it.

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